Los Maestros

Los Maestros del Norte is an ongoing program that is designed to teach our youth the hands-on skills of New Mexican Folk Art, an artistic heritage that has been passed down for many generations. 

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Art masters of the Spanish Colonial Society teach the vast majority of the classes.  Art classes are held once a month at the Chimayó Museum.  Subjects taught include; tinwork, retablos, straw appliqué, hide painting, colcha making, micaceous clay work, traditional wood carving, relief carving, bone carving, weaving and metal work.  One of our most recent projects was the construction of a traditional horno outside the Chimayó Museum which we have used for baking bread.


Students range between the ages of nine and seventeen.  We ask our students to make a pledge to stay in school, resist drugs and to be respectful and well mannered during all activities.  Students are asked to have at least 20 hours of class time in order to participate in the Los Maestros booth during Spanish Market.  During Spanish market which is held the last weekend each July at the Plaza de Santa Fe, Los Maestro students teach an average of 850 youths during the two day event.

To make donations or for more info, please contact:

Chimayó Cultural Preservation Association
Los Maestros del Norte
C/O Barbara Montoya
P.O. Box 727
Chimayó, NM 87522